I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I had a modest upbringing and learned to support myself at a very young age. Paid for my own high school and University of California at Berkeley education. My senior year at Berkeley I started working the Pacific Stock Exchange on the Options floor.  The “Western Wall Street” taught me about making sound investment decisions, which became the foundation of an extensive career in financial advising, investment banking, international property development and real estate.

Upon graduation from Berkeley and after 2 years on the Stock Exchange I took a year to travel the world. Spent 6 months playing semiprofessional baseball in the U.S. Virgin Islands then off to Europe. I hitch hiked from London to Cairo and then back to San Francisco. At one point I was living on communal work farm, a Kibbutz, in Israel when war broke out between Israel and Lebanon. I did all this on $10 per day; which required me to be very organized and resourceful. Two strengths that I apply every day in my current profession.

In 1982 I returned to San Francisco and reentered Wall Street. Spent the next 21 years in leadership roles for several brokerage firms (Merrill Lynch, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Prudential Securities) supervising dozens of executives and thousands of customer accounts. I had clients in every corner of the globe; from Moscow to Hong Kong. Eventually I became Chief Executive Officer of my own firm, Round Hill Securities. Supervised 150 investment professionals and over $4 Billion in customer assets.

My financial career was anything but typical. I spent six years as a well-known, local radio personality, providing a “live” stock market update 4 times a day to over 250,000 listeners! I have been the featured speaker to many distinguished groups including the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, the Full Assembly of the California Bar Association, KWHY TV Los Angeles and others. I was also featured for the cover story of the September 1994 issue of “Research Magazine” for my insights into International Investing long before many of my peers thought beyond the New York Stock Exchange. Hundreds of my clients took my advice to invest in telecommunication companies around the world (preceding the internet) and reaped the benefits. Research Magazine was one of the most widely read financial publications in world at that time.

I sold my brokerage firm in 2003 and subsequently moved to Cabo San Lucas and became a real estate developer. Over the next 8 years I built from the ground up 34 luxury villas and the award winning Palmilla Tennis Club. I was responsible for every detail and stage of the project, from the sewers to the creation of the Homeowners Association. The Palmilla Tennis Club received a prestigious architectural award from the American Sports Builders Association in 2008. The knowledge I gained from directly building a community from the ground up to achieving a significant architectural award has been so instrumental in my career and specifically how I approach my current role as a real estate agent. I don’t think you will find anyone with the combination of investment advisory, real estate development and real estate sales experience anywhere.

2012 I moved back to the United States to be closer to my children. My son, Michael, served 9 years in United States Marine Corp (3 tours in Afghanistan) and subsequently relocated to San Diego, where I joined him. Michael is now part of Burchard & Associates.

My transition to domestic real estate was smooth, being named one of the top agents in Downtown San Diego during my first year as an agent, further proof that I can get the job done!